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French Riviera

French Riviera

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The color of the peony flowers may vary compared to the website picture. Please contact or call 480.304.2279 to ask about peony availability prior to purchase.

Introducing the mesmerizing beauty of the Flower Box Deluxe, a harmonious composition that combines the ethereal charm of peonies, the delicate grace of ranunculuses, and the captivating foliage of grey green dusty miller and ruscus Italiano. This floral masterpiece is a testament to nature's artistry, crafted to ignite your senses and elevate any space to new heights of elegance.

The star of this exquisite arrangement is the majestic peony, a bloom that exudes timeless beauty and romance. Each petal unfurls with grace, revealing a captivating palette of hues, from soft blush to vibrant coral. Their velvety texture invites you to run your fingers over their velveteen softness, as their sweet fragrance fills the air, enveloping you in a dream-like aura.

Nestled alongside the peonies are the enchanting ranunculuses, delicate in appearance yet resilient in nature. These intricate blossoms, with their layers of petals unfolding like whispers of enchantment, add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the composition. Their vibrant colors, ranging from pristine white to cheerful yellows and pinks, create a striking contrast against the lush foliage.

Speaking of foliage, the grey green dusty miller and ruscus Italiano provide a verdant backdrop that enhances the overall allure of this floral ensemble. The dusty miller's velvety leaves, with their silvery sheen, add a touch of sophistication and elegance, while the ruscus Italiano's rich greenery lends a sense of lushness and depth.

This flower box is a perfect blend of delicate blooms and foliage, carefully curated to create a visual symphony. Every stem is thoughtfully chosen for its impeccable beauty and harmonious color combination, resulting in a captivating arrangement that transcends ordinary floral displays.

Imagine this enchanting flower box adorning your living room, filling the air with its delicate fragrance and infusing your space with an ambiance of tranquility and grace. It is the ideal centerpiece for a romantic dinner, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or a captivating addition to any special occasion.

Allow the French Riviera flower box to transport you to a world where beauty reigns supreme and nature's wonders unfold. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing allure of peonies and ranunculuses, complemented by the verdant embrace of dusty miller and ruscus Italiano. Let this floral ensemble ignite your imagination and bring a touch of botanical magic into your life. Flower delivery service in Scottsdale and surrounding area.

How to care

We appreciate you for ordering and receiving our amazing flower arrangements. Our freshly cut flowers are delivered still in bud so you can enjoy them for a much longer time. However, you can make that time even longer by following these simple tips:

  • Clean your vase. Bacteria will make your flowers wilt faster.
  • Fill the vase two-thirds with fresh, filtered, and lukewarm water. Change the water regularly every two days after receiving your flowers.
  • Trim about 1 inches (2-3cm) from the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle. We recommend using a cutter or knife. Don't use household scissors to cut your flowers!
  • Remove the leaves or branches which would fall on the water. Having these in the water can boosts bacteria growth. Also remove any wilted flowers. They can spread mold onto the other flowers if not taken care of.
  • If you ordered your flowers in a box or basket flower arrangement in a floral foam, please check if that foam is wet or damp daily, pour water over it if needed, we also provide special powder, so add it following instructions on the package.
  • Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, heaters, and bright light sources to prolong their life spans.
  • Sometimes in our flower compositions you can find berries on the branches, they are not edible.
  • Feed the flowers! We provide conservatives as a compliment. Follow the instructions on the package.

With respect and soul from Imagine Flowers florists!

Delivery Info

Your order will be safely delivered by our local delivery service.

  • Flowers will be always fresh and beautiful.
  • If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, order will be left in a safe place.
  • Same day delivery over Scottsdale up to 30 miles is possible if order is placed before 3:00 PM. We do delivery after 8:30 AM and the latest delivery time is 7:30 PM.
  • The minimum amount for delivery is $50.
  • Delivery date and time slots will be selected on the cart page. Taxes and delivery fees calculated at checkout.
  • If you need an individual approach for your order delivery (unsupported area or special time or etc), please call +1(480)304-2279 or text us to make a request about it. 
  • Please note that Imagine Flowers is not responsible for deliveries made to wrong addresses provided by customers. We will charge additional $10 if you add the incorrect address. Please make sure you add the correct delivery address.
We deliver flowers across Phoenix area (see delivery zones). You can enter your zip code below  to check availability of our delivery service in your area:


We take the utmost care in preparing your bouquets to give you the best piece of happiness on your important day.

  • If in exceptional circumstances you are unhappy with the condition of your bouquet, please direct all complaints to us by email We will do our best to respond within 24 hours and resolve the situation.
  • If the complaint is due to substandard or incorrect flowers, we will require photographic evidence to support the claim. Our customer service team will then assess the claim and get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Due to the perishable nature of the items we sell, we do not accept returns. All orders are final, we do not accept cancellations.
  • Customer can return or exchange an order in case if he received a completely incorrect order (ex: wrong flowers, wrong size).
  • Please note that we often use delicate seasonal flowers which may have a shorter life span.
  • Please note that florists may substitute flowers according to market availability, we strive to let all our customers know if any substitution is made.
  • If customer pick's up the flowers at our store, it will be himself responsibility to check the order. After taking flowers a customer automatically is agreeing with order. Imagine Flowers are not responsible for the order after picked up by customer.  
  • Customer is responsible to ensure the recipient of the delivery is at home to receive they order. If we attempt a delivery and the recipient is not at home we will leave the package in the safest place possible. Also we will sent a photo where the delivery package was left. Once we have delivered the order to the delivery address its safety is no longer Imagine Flowers responsibility rather that of the customer.

Please get acquainted with our Refund Policy

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Flower Subscription

Dreaming of regular floral deliveries to brighten your space or business? Elevate your environment with consistent floral elegance through Imagine Flowers' subscription service.