Collection: Roses

Beautiful bouquets of roses are the favorites among our customers. These are the flowers that are in demand throughout the year. Floral arrangements of fresh roses are a welcome gift for any celebration,  are relevant to any event, are a pleasant sign of attention, and are a surprise without a reason.
A cut rose in bouquets lasts a very long time, its beauty in floristry is recognized anywhere and the refined aroma of many varieties makes this queen a favorite of all women. In addition, this is one of the few flowers that, according to etiquette, which can be given to a man or an unfamiliar person. By choosing buds of different shades, you can give the composition a special meaning, hide certain messages in it for the addressee.
The sale of rose bouquets presented in the catalog on our website is carried out in Scottsdale, including Phoenix and nearby cities. We understand that there are moments in life when there is absolutely no time to go to floristic salons, but you want to give flowers to a loved one. For such cases, our site exists. In order to please your beloved woman with flowers, send a floral compliment to a business partner, congratulate friends on a wedding or the birth of a child, order roses for decorating a corporate holiday, you don’t even need to be in Phoenix personally. Leave an order for a small bouquet of roses or a huge composition, decorated in a basket or box, on our web site, and the rest is our concern. Florists of the Imagine-Flowers studio will assemble a bouquet according to the design agreed with you, and experienced drivers will quickly and carefully deliver it to the address you specified and gallantly hand it to the addressee.