Collection: Apology

If it’s hard to say “I’m sorry” with words, it’s better to give something beautiful and warming to the soul. Expensive gifts for an apology are not suitable, because the offended person will think that they are trying to pay him off. On the other hand bouquet of flowers is just the thing, since such a gift will not arouse suspicion. Apology with flowers has been practiced for decades. This is already a kind of tradition. The person who received the bouquet immediately understands why it was presented, and draws the right conclusions. Absolutely everyone likes flowers, both women and men. They uplift the mood with their appearance and aroma. The bouquet will stand in a conspicuous place for a long time and delight with its luxury. Apologizing with flowers is a good solution in any situation, regardless of the reason for the quarrel. As an apology to an offended person, you can present almost any flowers: hybrid, field, primroses, etc., but not cacti. This gesture should not seem formal. Therefore, you need to choose a bouquet wisely, taking into account the preferences of the reciever. If they like a particular type of plant, then it is better to give this particular flower. Saying "I'm sorry" is so small, but so important! One simple word can change the fate of two people. At least, a  colorful, bright bouquet will help remember the moment of reconciliation and will remind you of a wonderful day for a long time.