Collection: Birthday

Birthday is always a bright and pleasant holiday, on which it is customary to give flowers. Choosing and ordering a bouquet of flowers for a happy birthday is not always the easiest task, because you want to make sure the bouquet is perfect for the receiver on their birthday. On this day, you can give any type of flowers, the main thing is that the bouquet conveys your most sincere wishes and gives the recipient the best emotions! Our florists are always ready to help you choose a happy birthday bouquet that are perfect as a gift!
When choosing a bouquet for a birthday, the color of the flowers is of great importance. Men are usually given solid flowers of deep, rich, and dark shades such as burgundy, deep red, purple, blue, purple. To make men's birthday bouquets, flowers with long stems and large buds are used - gerberas, roses, gladioli, carnations, tulips, peonies. These are usually classically strict compositions of a vertical or cascading type, without decor and any bells and whistles in the design. It is permissible for women to give absolutely any flowers. Young girls are most often given flowers of delicate, light shades - pink, blue, white, cream. Bouquets of alstroemerias, freesias, tulips, lilies, peonies, gerberas are ideal. For ladies of elegant age, choose a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums, orchids or dahlias. There is a rule: the older the woman, the more expressive and rich shades of flowers are allowed in the bouquet. At the same time, there are many exquisite compositions made in light colors that are perfect for a gift to an aged woman - mother, grandmother, aunt, employee, etc.