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Flowers for Valentine's Day

What flowers should you gift on February 14 to your lovely woman? What flowers symbolize love? How do you choose a bouquet or arrangement of flowers?

Flowers for Valentine's Day should be chosen taking into account the personal preferences of your beloved woman and the place where you plan to have a romantic evening. Some people like white roses, some like red ones, others like more original flowers (for example, orchids), and some generally prefers a flower in a pot rather than in a bouquet. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance what your beloved likes.
When choosing flowers for Valentine's Day, we recommend focusing on the "language of flowers", according to which each flower symbolizes a certain feeling. On this day, it is customary to give flowers that symbolize love, sympathy, passion, admiration, and affection. According to the "language of flowers" - these are roses, orchids, tulips, anthuriums, alstroemerias, carnations, peonies.


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Roses - their meaning depends on the color. Red roses are a symbol of love, passion. Pink roses - hint at sympathy, romance, tenderness. White roses - purity, innocence. Roses for Valentine's Day can be presented in a bouquet. People who more originality will appreciate roses in a box.


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Peonies symbolize love, temperament, and youth. They make a great Valentine's Day gift, but they're usually hard to come by because they're hard to find. It is a seasonal flower.


Anthuriums are flowers that symbolize care and love. On Valentine's Day, a girl can be given both a bouquet of anthuriums and an anthurium in a pot. This gift will be appreciated by lovers of indoor flowers, because it blooms annually and does not need special care.


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Tulips symbolize pure love. On Valentine's Day, you can give both a bouquet of tulips and an original composition in a box or basket.


Alstroemerias symbolize friendly love and devotion. On Valentine's Day, a bouquet of alstroemerias or as part of a flower arrangement can be presented to your beloved friend.


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Carnations also symbolize love. White carnations are pure love, light red carnations are admiration, dark red carnations are deep affection, and pink ones are eternal motherly love. But when choosing a bouquet of carnations for February 14, we recommend choosing white ones, currently there are many varieties of them. Red carnations for Valentine's Day are best given as part of a flower arrangement.

Be Romantic

Why, when choosing flowers for February 14, take into account the place where you plan to spend a romantic evening?

If you decide to spend a romantic evening with your beloved in a cafe, restaurant, or just take a walk in the park, then flowers in pots will not be appropriate. In this situation it is better to choose a not-so large bouquet so that your beloved is comfortable with it.
If you plan to pick her up at home, then the choice of flowers is unlimited, because she will be able to leave them at home, and there will be no questions regarding where to put the flowers during a walk. They can be flowers in pot, or a huge bouquet, or even a modest one flower, but chosen and presented with a soul.

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No matter what kind or how many flowers you decide to gift your girlfriend or wife on Valentine's Day, the main thing is how you gift them, what you say, and if it is sincere and with love. Then she will definitely appreciate it.

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